Players Retreat


(919) 755-9589
105 Oberlin Road
Raleigh, NC 27605
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Open smtwtfs
11:00 AM— 2:00 AM



Sundays Kid Eats Free From Kids Menu For Every Full Priced Adult Meal (12 and Under) EAT IN ONLY All Starters EAT IN ONLY ½ Price Bud & Bud Light Pitchers $7.50 All Other Pitchers $10.50 Bloody Marys $4.50 Well Drinks $3.50 CBC IPA & CPA $3.00 Champagne & Mimosas $6.00


Cameron Park Residents Night 15% Discount (Excludes Alcohol and Food Specials) Bud, Light & Select Pints $1.25 All Other Pints $3.00 Cartlidge & Brown Cabernet $5.25 NY Strip 12 oz. w/ Salad & Potato $15.95 Prime Rib w/ Salad & Potato 8oz. $15.95 12 oz. $19.95 16 oz. $22.95 Cartlidge & Brown Cabernet $5.25


Prime Rib Sandwich $8.95 Buffalo Wings EAT IN ONLY 40 cents each Guinness Pints $3.00 Miller & Miller Lite Bottles $2.50 Salmon Creek Chardonnay & Pinot Grigio $4.00


6 oz. Cheeseburger & Fries $5.95, Margarita House $5.00, Top Shelf Margarita, $6.00, Corona Bottles $2.50, and Salmon Creek Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio Glasses $4


Classic Reuben with Fries $7.95 Large Caesar Salad with Chicken $7.95 With Grilled Shrimp $8.95 Martinis & Cosmos - House $5.00 Grey Goose or Hendricks $7.50 Kona Longboard & Blue Point Toasted Lager $2.50 Austrian Wines $5.50


Chef's Special Market Price Fresh (Never Frozen) Cod Fish n Chips $12.95 Cod, Oyster or Shrimp Po Boy $7.95 Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Salad $7.95 Spanish Wines $6.50 Martinis & Cosmos – House $5.00 Grey Goose or Hendricks $7.50 Blue Star & Red Seal Bottles $2.50


Fresh (Never Frozen) Cod Fish n Chips $12.95 Cod, Oyster or Shrimp Po Boy $7.95 Two Dogs, Fries & a Soft Drink $5.95 Mojitos Marti $5.75 10 Cane $7.50 Bud & Bud Light Bottles $2.50 All Shooters & Bombs $5.00

A Raleigh Tradition Since 1951

Welcome to the Players' Retreat. . . . In 1951, Bernie and Mickey Hanula founded the institution known as the Players' Retreat. Less of a bar and restaurant, and more of a family, the PR (as it is affectionately known) remains a popular respite for the young and the old, the rich and the poor. It is a place where people from all walks of life rub elbows, share toasts, good times and laughs. At 60 years old, very little has changed since its humble beginnings. In 1994 Pete Jarrell took over the PR and continued the tradition. Our friends Bernie and Mickey passed away several years ago. In their honor, our staff and our patrons strive to keep the PR the way it has always been, and as it should always be. Thank you for your patronage and support over the years, and may the PR continue for many years to come.